Application Self Certification Process

On September 14, 2009, the NY State Liquor Authority implemented a program where attorneys can Self-Certify applications that they file on behalf of their clients. The Self Certification Program has been implemented to allow for the quick review of applications that are certified by an attorney to be true and accurate and comply with all statutory requirements. Only applications filed by Attorneys qualify for this program and the NYSLA is stating that applications filed pursuant to this program can be turned around in one month or less! In order to qualify for the program:

1) ALL questions must be answered and have the correct response. If a question is not applicable to a specific application, “n/a” must be checked and the reason it is not applicable must be given. Use additional sheets to explain if necessary.

2) The application must not require Full Board determination (i.e. 500’ case with objections, new package store applications, percentage rent over 15%).

3) No one other than the applicant holds a security interest in the business.

4) Both the applicant and the attorney must sign the certification. If a partnership, all partners must sign.

 This program will be in effect for a six (6) month period beginning September 14, 2009. Applications will be audited to determine if the program should remain in place.

Attorneys participating in the program must submit a monthly report (by the 10th of each month) listing the serial numbers of the applications they have filed under this program.


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