Important Information for All Licensees

• You as the licensee are responsible for the activities of employees and patrons in all parts of the licensed premises, even if you are not always physically present, to ensure that the business is operating in accordance with the ABC Law. It is important to strike a balance between the quality of life in the neighborhood and the successful operation of your business.

• Appropriate books and records detailing purchases with invoices and the amount of each sale must be maintained at the premises and made available for inspection by SLA investigators.

• Your license certificate must be displayed so that it is in a conspicuous place inside the premises near the point of sale. Copies of the certificate for posting purposes are not acceptable.

• You must have a valid bond in effect at all times.

• Purchases of alcoholic beverages must be made from duly licensed manufacturers and wholesalers.

• Purchases from retail stores or from any other retail licensee for resale are not permitted.

• Gambling of any type, either professional or social, is not permitted on any licensed premises. Exceptions are the sale of lottery tickets when licensed by the Division of the Lottery and bingo or games of chance when authorized by the State Racing and Wagering Board.

• Refilling or tampering with the contents of any container containing alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

• An alcoholic beverage must be dispensed from the container in which it was received from the wholesaler.

• If you wish to make any changes in the structure of your corporation, or if you wish to change the individuals on the license, you must file the appropriate application and obtain approval from the Authority before making these changes.

• Any plans to make major physical changes or to substantially alter the licensed premises in any way may require permission from the Authority prior to construction. You are advised to contact your local Zone office to determine if permission is required.

• You should display the warning signs, provided by the Authority when your license was issued, in a conspicuous location in your establishment, as close as possible to the point of sale.


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