Most Common Violations of the ABC Law

The following list, while not all inclusive, will help to familiarize you with the most common violations of the ABC Law:

  • Sale to Minor (under 21 years old) – Section 65.1. (It is important to note that the Members of the Authority have directed that any sale to a person under 16 can result in revocation of the license, even for a first offense.)
  • Sale to Intoxicated Person – Section 65.2
  • Prohibited Hours of Sale – Sections 105.(a), 105.14 and 106.5
  • Prohibited Hours of Consumption – Section 106.5
  • Employment of a Minor – Section 100.2(a)
  • Disorderly Premises (includes Gambling at on premises establishments, Lewd and Indecent conduct, Assaults, Narcotics at on premises establishments, Prostitution) – Section 106.6
  • Gambling at establishments
  • Narcotics at establishments

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